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Can Tabs

TABS for
FASD Fundraiser

Pop Can Tab Fundraiser for FASD

Tabs for FASD is a meaningful way to contribute to a better future. We believe the power of a small action can turn into something much larger. 

How it works:

Collecting the small tabs off of cans is a great easy way to get everyone involved.  All you need to do is collect beverage can tabs and mail them in or drop them off. The money raised from Tabs for FASD will go directly to programs and services provided by Inspire Kids FASD. 

PO Box 24164

Kamloops PO Northills Ctr.

Kamloops BC V2B 8R3

Or drop them off physically at 

353 Tranquille Road,

Kamloops BC, V2B 3G4

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